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Become a partner

Please contact us in any way convenient to you and we will send you detailed terms of cooperation.

+7 495 666 20 63 / info@tattoopharma.ru

Why Tattoo Pharma?

Quality of products

You get a unique proven product focused on a professional approach. We take into account all details and specifics of the process of applying a tattoo and its healing.

With excellent quality and attractive appearance, our products are characterized by high efficiency, absolute health safety and affordable prices.

You can be sure of the quality of our products - it is the uniqueness of the composition, the use of hypoallergenic components of the highest quality, modern developments that take into account all the peculiarities of the tattoo industry.

Finance and advertising

You get the best value for money - we are manufacturers and offer favourable terms of collaboration.

Having started working with us, you get a reliable partner who will take into account all your wishes, offer a flexible pricing system, marketing and motivational programs, help with advertising materials.

Your contact information will be placed on our website under Where to Buy?, which will help customers find you, as well as cut off unscrupulous sellers.

Certificates and guarantees

You will receive branded and certified products according to EAC (Eurasian Conformity) standards. The package of documents for the products (certificate of conformity, passport for the series) is sent together with the order.

From Russia with Care

We are the Russian producer! But we are constantly expanding the network of our distributors including abroad. Soon we will open warehouses in Europe, and the logistics tasks for European orders will become faster and more convenient.


You are not burdened by importing of products from abroad, unstable exchange rates and negotiations with foreign suppliers. Working with us, you support Russian production and economy.


By using and offering our products to customers, you have a clear understanding of their use, reactions to the human body and a legal quality guarantor.